While working as an intern in the education department of The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA), I:


  • Curated a student art exhibition in November, 2017.
  • Work alongside educators, leading BMoCA art events, such as the Dia De Los Muertos event and more.
  • Photographed art camps. Photos are published on the website and in print materials.
  • Created the curriculum for the BMoCA Summer Games event. This involved planning art activities for both kids and adults, with the focus on combining art and physical exercise.
  • Created the curriculum for Art Stop. Art Stop is a kid’s craft stand during the Boulder Farmer’s Market where art activities will be led by an educator. I created the curriculum for all 34 weeks and will also be an educator for Art Stop during the Boulder Farmer’s Market
  • Created six Young Artists at Work (YAW) summer art camp curriculums, each camp being five days long from 9-5 each day. Developing this curricula involved intensive research and planning. Details below.

** from the BMoCA website **

Summer art camps created by artists that encourage personal expression, fine art techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, fun!

For 5-8 Year Olds
June 11-15

Bzzy Bees – Multimedia Construction & More 9am-noon
Fly around like a bumblebee and explore how bees form colonies and the importance of bees to our natural world. Make your own bees and a hive for them to live in. To register, click here.

Color Me Happy – Paint Your Moods! 1-5pm
Explore the world of color and paint using the colors of your mood. Express your gratitude by making gratitude boxes and talking about what makes you feel grateful. To register, click here.

June 25-29

Cakes and Pies, Oh My! – Sculpture Art 9am-noon
What is your favorite dessert? What does the dessert of your dreams look like? Create your dream dessert using construction paper, pipe-cleaners and more! To register, click here.

Recycled Shape Art 1-5pm
Turn your trash into art by creating artwork using recycled cardboard and paint. Make rain sticks with paper tubes and be part of a fun, collaborative painting! To register, click here.

July 23-27

Space Travel and Storytelling – Sculpture Art 9am-noon
Spend time listening to stories about space travel and make your own space vessels that will take you to the stars. Create constellations and learn about space! To register, click here.

Robot Puppet Show – Performance Art 1-5pm
Lights, camera, action! Learn how to put on your own performance and create a story with robots made with tinker trays. To register, click here.

For 9-12 Year Olds
June 4-8

eARTh – Symmetry in Nature 9am-noon
Take a walk outside and gather artifacts that are symmetrical to use in creating your own handmade book. To register, click here.

Drawing Exploration 1-5pm
Discover new drawing techniques as you try blind contour drawing, go on an outdoor Safari Exercise to draw things in nature, and learn about Vincent Van Gogh’s line drawings. To register, click here.

June 18-22

Selfie Workshop – Strike a Pose! 9am-noon
Travel back in time to the first self-portraits ever made and create your own personal portrait inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldi’s vegetable heads! To register, click here.

Rug Art 1-5pm
Learn about the history of the art of oriental rugs and the “Rug Belt.” Make your own rug that represents your personality and your family’s history! To register, click here.

July 16-20

The Art of Water 9am-noon
Dive into Japanese culture and be inspired by the Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai and his most famous work, Great Wave. Listen to Japanese folk stories about water and study the science behind the moon, the ocean and waves as you make your own woodblock prints! To register, click here.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Create! – Junk Art 1-5pm
Create artwork using recycled materials and discover the importance of recycling and its impact on ocean life. Bring in your own recycled materials to create sea creatures and coral reefs! To register, click here.


additional education experience:

  • Fall semester, 2015. I taught a class of seventh grade students in Lafayette, CO. The class was service-based– I led the seventh grader students in developing projects aimed at confronting privilege and renewing democracy.
  • Spring semester, 2017. I was a teacher’s assistant for a freshmen seminar class. I assisted the teacher and taught mini workshops in the field of design.
  • Spring semester, 2018. I lead two photography labs. This position involves leading photography exercises, grading and fostering an artistic environment that enhances students’ abilities to critique and analyze art.