VENOM jrnl

This project was all about designing for other people. I chose to use my Artist Voice to give a voice to someone else.

VENOM jrnl is a series I started in Fall of 2018. I wanted to create a collaborative mini magazine, or zine, where artists could freely express themselves. Art for Art’s sake. My background in Art Therapy has taught me the healing power of artistic expression. I started collecting art from people. Poetry, photography, short stories, napkin art, anything. I created zines from the community and for the community. A lot of the art content came from myself, and a lot of it didn’t. The anonymity of the zines is what made me really want to leave them places anonymously as little secrets to be discovered.

This is where the art installation aspect of my project comes into play. After creating the zines — my technique explores a blend of typewriter art, photography and drawing, all hand-bound into book form — I left the copies out in the community for people to find and appreciate. I keep one copy of each zine. This is a project I plan on pursuing for a long time. It’s a give and a take. A meditation. Enjoy!